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Level up your game

Level up performance with AI-powered biomechanics and predictive analytics

Design an AI-powered training program that helps players identify their weaknesses, work on their strengths, develop tactics and avoid injury.

Define. Develop. Enable.

At the beginning of our collaboration, our engineers will do a thorough review of your current training programs, understand your goals & develop a precise profile of the requirements.

After understanding the training goals and product requirements, our engineering team will help design, develop and deploy a custom-tailored AI solution.

Cimplify Connected Sports
Cimplify AI-Powered Biomechanics
Level up your game

AI-Powered Biomechanics

Design AI-powered mobile solutions that help evaluate player movement and provide real-time feedback. Analyze player biomechanics in-depth with the help of comprehensive reports & dashboards.

  • Technique Analysis - Stance, Stroke & Footwork
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Kinetics & Kinematics
  • Gait Analysis
The Playbook for Success

Performance Analysis

Discover tactical information by conducting detailed video analysis on teams and players across multiple matches. With Vision-AI models, dynamic insights generated will help players chalk out a game plan and fine-tune performance.

  • Post-Match Analysis
  • Training Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Injury Prevention
Cimplify Performance Analysis
Cimplify Connected Workouts
Workout from Anywhere, Anytime

Connected Workouts

Design virtual workout experiences that lets users connect from anywhere and workout with their friends in real-time. Users can use their smartwatches or activity trackers to establish a connection and track their progress using a dynamic leaderboard.

  • Virtual Training & Drills
  • Dynamic Leaderboards
  • Unify data from multiple athletes
  • Integrate with Smartwatches

Immersive Training

Help players elevate their performance by immersing them in realistic VR simulations. VR simulations enable players to practice anytime, anywhere so they can be ready to perform at their absolute best when it truly matters.

  • VR Powered visualization
  • Audio-guided drills
Cimplify Immersive Training
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